Our Ethos

At Greater Understanding, we are committed to: giving students the opportunity to gain a Greater Understanding of NSW syllabus material, ensuring that students get the most out of their education and encouraging students to attain an enhanced sense of direction and confidence within their academic careers.

The Greater Understanding ethos can be summed up in the Three C’s, namely

Creative Teaching Methods:

Our experienced tutors give undivided attention to each and every student in each and every lesson. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to our analysis of your child’s understanding of syllabus material.

Individualised lesson plans, weekly evaluations and end-of-term progress reports all combine to document your child's improvement and ensure that your child receives the best possible education in accordance with school assessment protocols.

We encourage a strong dialogue between the student, the student’s school, the student’s parent(s) and the student’s tutor to ensure that every possible advantage can be gained and that each opportunity is grasped with understanding and complete transparency.

Constructive Lesson Environments:

To ensure that the optimal lesson environment is established and maintained, every lesson will be held on a foundation of mutual respect between tutor and student.

In accordance with the Greater Understanding ‘Child-friendly Child-safe Policy’, the Greater Understanding ‘Code of Conduct for Tutors’, the Greater Understanding ‘Code of Conduct for Students’ and the Greater Understanding ‘Dealing with Complaints Procedure’, each lesson will be held in a strictly professional, yet empowering, way.

Each Greater Understanding tutor has been specifically selected according to their expertise, has undergone a rigorous screening and training procedure and has undergone the WORKING WITH CHILDREN Check under the NSW Commission for Children and Young People. Finally, Greater Understanding tuition services are discrete, allow for convenient payment methods and ensure that their students work to achieve their academic peaks.

Confidence Building:

Our mission at Greater Understanding is to breakdown stereotypical views of school and study as a mere chore. Instead, we seek to encourage students to have a healthy respect for the NSW education system.

We emphasize that a fully embraced academic career allows students to discover their hidden passions and reach their true potential in the future. Every lesson is a building block and leads toward further self-discovery. We want students to embrace their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses and feel a true sense of purpose and support within their academic careers.

When students truly understand the content of their subjects, confidence is built and students begin to enjoy learning and challenging themselves with novel applications of what they have learnt. Today, education is the key to long term financial success, opportunity and security within Australia and the world at large; so we, at Greater Understanding, have and will continue to change lives through helpful guidance, creative innovation and imparting a Greater Understanding of syllabus material.