We, at Greater Understanding, have had some fantastic success stories with our students!

It comes as no surprise that our greatest successes come from students who have struggled with motivation, discipline and understanding syllabus content. Nevertheless, every Greater Understanding student, regardless of any previous academic performance, is given the means to achieve their personal academic potential through our supportive ‘one-on-one’ lesson dynamics. We believe in building confidence and teaching creatively within constructive and individualised lesson environments. Through building a relationship of mutual respect between tutor and student, students are taught at in a style and pace that best suits their individual needs and goals.

Before I started with Greater Understanding, I had no idea how effective tuition classes could be. But that changed once I realised that these lessons were the key to making my school work and assignments seem much more conquerable than they had before. Greater Understanding tuition services saved me from wasting hours and hours looking at blank documents on my laptop screen, not knowing how to start essays and short stories. Instead, each study session became more productive, each essay became stronger and each assessment brought me improved results. I attribute my success within the HSC Advanced English course to my enhanced motivation, my work ethic and to Greater Understanding tuition services.
~ Reis F (HSC Advanced English)

From the first minute of the first lesson, each and every one of our students joins the Greater Understanding ‘team’ and we always look after our teammates on their journey through school and beyond.

Our philosophy is to teach students to ‘study smart’ rather than ‘study long’. We work to help our students achieve balance in their life between productive study sessions and engagement within productive non-academic pursuits. At Greater Understanding, we seek to make your child’s education a much simpler, transparent and manageable affair. In this way, we may work to enhance our students’ and their families’ quality of life.

I have been tutored for over 2 years now, and since then, I have seen a massive improvement in not only my results, but also in my attitude towards learning and studying. When I first began the tutoring, I dreaded maths, but now I see it as my favourite and strongest subject as when you start to improve and see good results in a subject, it makes you feel happy and desire to strive to do even better. Greater Understanding tutoring has definitely played a major role in my accomplishments in my subjects but also in my work ethic. Greater Understanding has taught me the correct ways of studying, learning and organising as well as when to relax and take a break from school. Overall, Greater Understanding tutoring has been a great support system that I will continue to use and thank for my achievements in school.
~ Romina N (Mathematics)

By taking advantage of our obligation-free orientation lessons, you are able to experience our tuition service first-hand and determine whether or not you would like to retain Greater Understanding tuition services. You will find that we create an undeniably friendly and supportive environment where every question and concern is treated with the utmost respect and care.

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