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How Do I Know When It's Time to Consider Tutoring?

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether your child truly needs tuition, especially because you do not want to cripple the little self-esteem left in your son or daughter’s psyche...

At Greater Understanding, our tuition lessons are designed to build student confidence, bringing back the self-esteem that is often lost from the seemingly ambiguous requirements of teachers, assessments and exams.

When students are try to withdraw from school or avoid homework because they have lost confidence, the worst possible reaction is to ignore the problem or wait, hoping that the problem will solve itself with time and maturity. In reality, if education is not proactively pursued and improved, students will lose academic opportunities which might snowball into a lifelong distaste for learning and academia. After all, maturity is a product of experiences which require an improvement in maturity, so letting students ignore their responsibility to be the best student they can be is enormously counter-intuitive.

Accordingly, the best approach to take with academically apathetic sons and daughters is to ensure that we build and maintain their academic discipline. It should be no surprise to you that it is only the most successful students who practise studying and paying attention over their entire academic career.

But what about my son and daughter who are receiving high marks and pleasant report cards? Do they require tuition?

Students who are at the top of their class can certainly still benefit from tuition to secure or improve their high ranks. The top of the class ranks are extremely competitive and by assisting strong students to make sustainable and lifestyle-friendly study regimes allows them to avoid issues with anxiety, mental health and ‘burning out’. Further, we can ensure that these students are challenged appropriately and continue to evolve whilst ensuring that they can truly benefit from the opportunities that will become available to them.

Ultimately, our individualised tuition services are catered for all students, struggling or succeeding, to lessen the isolating burden that school and education can often create. Through our active guidance, Greater Understanding students can benefit from study that is more efficient, more fruitful and far more enjoyable.

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