Mental Health

Eat Healthily, Exercise, Study, Sleep – It All Counts

The competitiveness of modern education systems has brought about unprecedented issues with mental health amongst students. Accordingly, it is important to be aware and prepared for this dynamic. The best approach to success within school is to understand just how important balance is in creating a sustainable scholastic schedule.

Eat Healthily: Avoid bingeing on junk food, sugar, coffee or cigarettes to cope with the stress of the difficult stages of school. Try to focus on eating nutritious foods to give your body the best chance of dealing with the stress in a healthy and natural way.
Exercise: When we exercise, we reduce tension and release endorphins. This is a fantastic way to maintain morale, determination and discipline when the time comes for studying and preparing for assessments and examinations. Remember, make sure that you choose exercise that is complementary to your studies. Try to avoid sports that are too time consuming or require long inactive recovery periods.
Study: Make sure that you approach study in a systematic and organised way. Avoid cramming for assessments and examinations as this will often induce issues with anxiety and stress. Further, the fear of not comprehensively understanding a topic can weigh heavily on students’ minds, so make sure any insecurities in this regard are quickly addressed.
Sleep: A minimum of eight (8) hours of sleep a night is required for full concentration in the classroom for the entire day. Avoid sleep deprivation as being reckless with fatigue may cause issues that transcend into every aspect of your life.

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