Our Services

Innovative and Individualised Tuition Services

At Greater Understanding, we have formulated unique and diverse services to allow us to most effectively assist students, of all ages and all abilities, to reach their personal academic potential. Our determined, conscientious and passionate team offers following services:

  1. Sydney's Premier One-on-One Tuition Classes

    The ultimate learning environment built upon a proven ‘one-on-one’ learning dynamic. Your son(s) or daughter(s) will receive undivided attention, allowing every strength, weakness and skill to be identified, tested and improved in a friendly and safe environment. To organise an academic evaluation for your child, visit our Contact Us page.

  2. Innovative Group Tuition Classes

    These classes are perfect for anxious or shy students who will require a supportive social element when starting during tuition lessons. We will work on improving the confidence of students whilst dynamically pursuing academic success and a complete understanding relevant syllabus content. To organise an academic evaluation for your child, visit our Contact Us page.

  3. School Holiday Study Sessions

    School Holiday Study Sessions are an engaging and fun way to allow students to get an advantage over their competing classmates. These are intensive regimes wherein the student’s understanding of syllabus content is reinforced, while they learn proven study skills and proactively become stronger, and more independent, students. To organise an academic evaluation for your child, visit our Contact Us page.

  4. Motivational Speaking Sessions

    To inspire, to enlighten, to motivate! When students become disillusioned, there is often a small window to address small issues before they spiral into nightmares. With a focus on communication and relevance, these sessions reignite a struggling passion for learning and teach helpful tricks that students can use to reach their true potential. To organise an academic evaluation for your child, visit our Contact Us page.

  5. E-Learning System Subscriptions

    Our E-Learning System, available on greaterunderstanding.com.au, is a product of our desire to make our tuition service as ubiquitous as possible. Once you subscribe to the Greater Understanding E-Learning System, you can enjoy our useful step-by-step guides, specialised quizzes and vast academic resources. We also provide a submission function, where you can upload your draft composition or a photo of a tricky mathematics problem and you will receive constructive, prompt and concise feedback.

  6. Online Lessons

    For those seeking supreme convenience or for those who live beyond our geographical spread, we provide personalised online lessons for students, using telecommunications application software. Using this system, students are able to enjoy our renowned one-on-one tuition lessons on their computer, laptop, tablet device or smartphone screen, at their convenience.

  7. Travel Holiday Tuition

    We provide short term tuition services for travelling families who want to proactively ensure that their children will not suffer an ‘academic holiday hangover’. Whether you are an international traveller visiting Australia, or are an Australian-based family travelling internationally, we can provide tuition services in person or online to ensure that your children return from their holiday to the classroom without a hitch.

  8. Home Schooling

    For those students who are unable to attend school or are purposefully avoiding the institution for various reasons (including bullying, anxiety etc.), we provide assistance to parents and students who are pursuing home-schooling as their preferred form of education. By guiding you through the requirements of the Education Act 1990 (NSW), BOSTES and the educatory process; we can ensure that your home-schooling experience is as pleasant and convenient as possible.

  9. The Greater Understanding Website Store

    At Greater Understanding, we have made our fantastic materials and services available for purchase online. Along with Greater Understanding publications, activity booklets and GU approved equipment; we offer meaningful gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Feel free to browse our store and take advantage of our exclusive range of quality products and services.