• Sydney's premier one-on-one tuition classes
  • Innovative group tutition classes
  • School holiday study sessions
  • Motivational speaking sessions

We Work for You!

At Greater Understanding, we have formulated unique and effective tuition services that are designed to assist students of all ages, studying all subjects, with all levels of personal ability.

We primarily assist students who are completing the following:

  • Completion of the Board of Studies syllabi (Kindergarten to Year 11)
  • NAPLAN Preparation (Year 3, 5, 7 and 9)
  • The Higher School Certificate (Year 12)
  • The International Baccalaureate (Year 11 and 12)

As Sydney’s premier provider of holiday tuition for international travellers and their families, we also offer Greater Understanding tuition services to cover a variety of International syllabi.

Greater Understanding tuition services may also be catered toward covering the various Australian state and territory syllabus materials.

Greater Understanding E-Learning System

Our services are offered over a broad geographical area and are individualised to the specific student to ensure that your child or children have the ability to reach their academic potential.

Further, through the fantastic products available on our website along with our innovative Greater Understanding E-Learning System, our tuition services work for you at any time and at any place; whether you would like to access it through your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet device.

Convenience is Key!

At Greater Understanding, your convenience is important to us!

Our personalised lessons take place in the comfort of our students’ homes. This is a vital aspect of our service, as when Greater Understanding students begin to relate their home study environment with the productivity of Greater Understanding lessons, the powerful impact of strong and focused academic guidance can be fully realised!

Our ultimate plan is to ensure that Greater Understanding students become independent learners, with a strong foundation for future studies or work. However, as every student begins lessons with different ambitions, abilities and approaches to learning; we will ensure that, from the very first lesson, all Greater Understanding students receive exemplary tuition services, reinforced with proven study techniques and sustainable time management strategies.

Our user-friendly payment methods allow families on all budget levels to benefit from our unique and creative tuition lessons. Through the use of progressive online banking payment systems, direct deposit payment systems and lesson credit prepayment systems, Greater Understanding works to provide the highest levels of flexibility and convenience for the families of our students.

Greater Understanding’s comprehensive library of resources allows our tutors to teach syllabus material in an exceptionally effective and personalised way. This ultimate access to diverse educational materials works to broaden and strengthen the academic confidence of all Greater Understanding students.

Obligation-Free Orientation Lessons!

If you are unsure whether your child requires tuition, you can simply sample our services by taking advantage of our non-committal low-pressure Orientation Lessons. Greater Understanding Orientation Lessons include an academic evaluation, allowing us to evaluate the academic health of your child or children.

Likewise, you and your child may take this opportunity to meet and greet our Greater Understanding academic experts. During the Orientation Lesson, you may ask questions or queries at any stage, to ensure that you get the fullest understanding of what Greater Understanding can offer you and your family. We are confident that once you see the academic potential of your child with Greater Understanding’s guidance, you will be excited to join the Greater Understanding family.