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Manipulate Your Marker: A Proactive Approach to Success in the HSC

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Secure your copy of ‘Manipulate Your Marker’, the book that the Board of Studies tried to censor.

‘Manipulate Your Marker’ is designed to assist all NSW and ACT students to achieve exemplary results. With useful study tips to step-by-step guides, ‘Manipulate Your Marker’ offers a complete approach to the compulsory HSC units.

Within this publication, we provide a vehicle through which the power structure within the classroom can be challenged. Our ideal is that our students no longer feel quietly oppressed, but rather, feel empowered and confident in their ability to perform to their potential.



“As a conscientious and high-achieving English student, I would love to have had access to such a comprehensive and holistic guide when I was going through my HSC. Manipulate Your Marker is an all-in-one resource that combines content with technical elements, practical tips and real examples to coach students through all aspects of the Standard, Advanced and Extension Courses. An extremely valuable ‘how-to’ tool!”

Alex Borowsky (HSC Top Achiever 2007)

1st in English (Advanced)

2nd in English Extension 1

1st in English Extension 2


“Manipulate Your Marker works to explain and demystify the often misunderstood requirements that all markers are yearning to assess and reward.”

Mr Ross Masters (Year Co-ordinator for an Independent Boy’s College in Sydney)

Teacher with 38 years of experience (having taught an estimated 3,500 students)


“Thoughtful, detailed and clear, Mitchell Grotte’s book offers a substantial and carefully organized guide to studying for English as an HSC subject. It will enhance the development of skills necessary for success.”

Dr Tony Cousins (Professor in English)

Prolific Author and Respected Academic



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